She is waiting for that day
He will be her’s forever
Her heart will knock her mind
She will try to express
Her feelings towards him
Her words will give up
It will be expressed by Truthful eyes
And he will get her
Without hearing her voice.
He will hold her in his arms
That moment
Her words will shock and
Her eyes will win…

Letter to heart..♥

This is a small letter for you. The reason behind this letter is that you need to get the things. Okay? So…
It’s my humble request to you please stop worrying for those people who don’t value your emotions. People just want to spend their free time with you. They do not share their time to be with you but they just want to pass their free time by giving it to you and you don’t understand that and my Dear heart you get joyous and that makes me radiant and I don’t want this feeling.
People are just trying to waste your valuable and quality time. Do not think that they are with you. They want to know you, they want to be with you and you think they are engrossed to you… No never. They just make a fool of u over n over again they pretend as they care, they love but they don’t and that’s why my dear heart doesn’t get involved in them. You just find them good people but they aren’t they are selfish don’t make mistake by making them your priority. Stop giving your valuable time to them their priority changes as per the time. There are people who spend their free time with you and the people who make their time free to spend with you Dear heart try to learn the difference. Do not go with the flow. the world is just full of people whose face is covered with a mask which hides so many things and you just get crazy by seeing their mask with the rubbish mind that you can’t see.
After a period of time, they will start avoiding you and that thing would make you woeful and they just don’t care anymore as you were there just to entertain them so my Dear heart stops showing your authentic feelings to them by considering them a good-hearted while they are not.
You are strong enough to survive alone. You don’t need anyone. You got the great soul from holy god so it’s your duty to make your soul buoyant. Though you want to make time for such people I will complain against you to the brain… Take care Dear heart.



When we meet for the first time..♥

When we meet for the first time

We looked into each other eyes,

We both were fall in love

And lost in paradise.

That day you held me in your arm

You made a promise to stay forever,

We made our heavenly world

And planned beautiful dreams together.

Yes, I remember that dire day

I saw you holding someone else hand,

You left our world

All dreams dead and became sand.

Later, you regret and come with love

Which wasn’t red it turned into black,

I ignored you as I became strong

I know I lost you but I got myself back.


It is difficult to believe that one person loves other. If you ask this lover actually what is that he loves in other person? Is it his body, mind or an integration of these intrinsic phenomenons. The answer obviously will not only delude but would certainly raise obvious question in the mind who is loving and receiving the love.
However, I love you is monotonous cliche perpetuated from the time perhaps when the first stonageman proposed his lady sapiens
And since then on it has been used to verbalize the most strange emotion called love.
But the same can be put forward in a different way by saying that I love your existence. Which not only comprise the person but all his mystic, scientific, divine, spiritual or anything that is reason behind the existence of human.
So if someone say “i love your existence”
Grab his hands he or she is perfect one for you!!!

I always want to be still like a SEA.🏝

I always want to be still like a sea, but later I came to know that sometimes this gigantic creature gets stirred haplessly. The Only thing for which it holds my attention is the way it accommodates all the rebellious waves in itself. And it may be churning violently inside out yet it always epitomize stillness. That’s the paradigm of life. If there is life there will be setbacks which are inherent in this so called transitory process. Like a sea, stand there till the end; problems can come and go, they aren’t permanent but you must stand there, with that courageous heartbeat beating with full vigor such that nothing can let you down.